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The 7th ATPF Joint Exhibition was held in Kunshan (CIE) from May 19 to 21, 2016.

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Australia linkEvents 
Bangladesh   linkNews & Events 
Cambodia linkFair and Exhibition 
China linkEvents 
Chinese Taipei linkTaipei Trade Shows 
Extensive trade fair database that offers comprehensive information on fairs and exhibitions held in Taiwan. Users search by date, event, Industry, organizer and venues. Also regularly features online virtual trade fairs devoted to a range of business catagories.
Hong Kong linkEvents 
Extensive trade fair database comprehensive information on exhibitions and outreach events held in Hong Kong and globally.
Indonesia linkEvents & Trainings 
Extensive trade fair database that offers comprehenshive information on fairs and exhibitions held in Indonesia and overseas. Users can search by Keyword (Name), Month, years etc.
Japan linkOnline Trade Fair Database (J-messe)  
Extensive trade fair database that offers comprehensive information on fairs and exhibitions held in Japan and globally. Users can search by industry, location and date. Also regularly features online virtual trade fairs devoted to a range of business categories.
Korea linkGlobal Exhibition Portal System 
The Global Exhibition Portal System (abb: GEP) is to build a Portal Website Service which provides worldwide exhibition information to promote the export industy of Korea and to gain the international competitiveness of Korea exhibition industry in the world under the reality of Korea export industry that has to be adapted itself to suddenly changing world market.
Macao   linkMacao Trade Fairs and Conventions 
Malaysia linkTrade Events 
MATRADE organizes and manages Malaysia's participation in international trade fairs overseas. The database provides assistance in handling space reservations, stand design and contruction, pre-event publicity and the scheduling of business meeting with foreign buyers. Users can search by product, service and year.
"Our mission is to provide quick, reliable access to anyone interested in local and national trade fair, expos within the country.  is a Business Directories on the Web providing the most comprehensive information about national fair and expo.
Nepal Trade Fair has been created by Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FNCCI) by collecting the information through its district chambers, associations and other sources and then organise the listings into the subject-based categories and sub-categories.
We plan to make this as a portal where the visitors can find the right information in one place regarding the trade fair and expos in Nepal. Through , you have an access to Trade Show Organizers & venues websites as well as complete contact with a simple click."
Pakistan linkEvents & Delegations 
Complete Events Calendar for International Exhibition worldwide
Philippines linkCalender of Events 
Check out our Signature Events, Overseas Trade Fairs, Business Missions and other promotional projects in our Calendar of Events.
Singapore linkCalendar of Events 
Sri Lanka linkTrade Fairs & Exhibitions 
Thailand linkThai Trade Fair 
International Trade Fairs organized by DITP : In line with its mission to penetrate new markets and expand trade channels for qualified entrepreneurs, DITP has proactively been organizing marketing promotional activities both at home and around the world. Organizing trade fairs is one of our core activities. The DITP has long been organizing international trade fairs in Thailand, providing manufacturers and exporters with a chance to promote Thai products and services that are on the radar of foreign buyers.
linkOverseas Trade Fair 
Participation in International Trade Fairs overseas (organized by trade fair organizers from other countries): The DITP also participates in over one hundred international trade fairs a year, in order to open up opportunities for Thai exporters to meet and negotiate directly with foreign buyers and secure new clients.
linkThailand Trade Exhibitions/Shows 
Thailand trade exhibitions/shows, organized overseas, consist entirely of Thai products and services. They are designed to introduce Thai products and services to countries that are considered new, emerging or dynamic.