Trade Promotion Organization in Asia (Member Organizations)

Department of Trade Promotion (DTP)

Xaysomphet Norasingh
Director General
Trade and Product Promotion Department is a department under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC) aiming to:
  • Support entrepreneurs promoting and development products for the domestic and export market through exhibitions and fairs, both domestic and international.
  • Provide Products information required for entrepreneurs penetrating into the both domestic and international market as well as for the foreign buyers.
  • Facilitate entrepreneurs producing and developing products in compliance with the various needs of the domestic and international market.
Main Activities
  • Conduct studies on drafting strategies, policy_plans, master plans, and programs related on marketing promotion and product development on periodical basis, along with a leadership role in implementation
  • Organize training and provide technical recommendations on marketing promotion and product development to concerned officials, enterprises, individual and/or legal entities
  • Disseminate information on policies and legislation related to marketing promotes development
  • Consolidate, study and indentify potential products in order to pursue the National Export Strategy on Periodical basis; and develop lists of exporters for monitoring, and supporting to effectively access international markets by collaborating with the LNCCI and other sectors involved in trade promotion and product development
  • Support and manage activities related to marketing promotion and product development such as: trade fairs, exhibitions, information services, and introduction of new products to both domestic and international markets
  • Follow-up, monitor, and evaluate implementation of various projects on marketing promotion and product development for domestic markets and overseas exports
  • Help guiding and advising all of trade_economic offices located overseas, and provincial and Vientiane Capital ICDs, and LNCCI in marketing promotion and product development
  • Perform duties of international exhibition secretariats including CAEXPO, AJC, AKC and other by collaborating with line sectors in terms of preparation as assigned by top authorities
  • Study on using techniques of advanced technologies and equipment for the effective marketing promotion and product development
  • Consolidate information on markets and analyzed findings and inputs for the NES and for organizations, enterprises and others involved in marketing promotion and product development inside and /or outside the country
  • Promotion creation and development of brand-name for value-added Lao products that meet the domestic and overseas demands
  • Collaborate with other sectors in order to develop legislation that helps facilitating the implementation of contract farming and ODOP, along with outsourcing funding for executing proposed projects
  • Develop a plan and implement a technical cooperation and/ or public investment project for marketing promotion and product development; manage and administrate finance and properties belong to the Department
  • Educate and guide political ideology; build capacity and monitor technical progress of the Department's staff
  • Study and propose the establishment and management of exhibition-training center and for pursuance of the Department's policies including training, product packaging, regular sale practices, business matching, introduction of new products and other
  • Perform other duties as being assigned by the top authorities

Information of Organization

Name Department of Trade Promotion (DTP)
Status Government Organisation
Date of Foundation -
HQ Address Phone Xay Road, Phon Xay village,
Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR P.O. Box: 4107
Tel: +856-21-454091   Fax: +856-21-454090
Upper Organization Under Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Office Domestic : -   Abroad : -

Basic Information

Country/Region Lao PDR
(sq km)
Population (millions) 6.83
Capital Vientiane Capital
Language Lao 90%, English 10%
Religion Buddhism