About ATPF

Asian Trade Promotion Forum (ATPF)

Asian Trade Promotion Forum (ATPF) is a gathering of Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) in the Asian Region. It was established in 1987, and currently has 23 members.
The objective of ATPF is to enhance trade in the region through information exchange, implementation of cooperative projects and strengthening networks among member TPOs. CEO meetings and Working Level Meetings are held once a year. Capacity Building Initiative Program, Joint Exhibition, and various cooperative projects are also actively carried out by the members.


Main Activities

(1) CEO Meetings

Annual Meetings The 34th CEO Meeting (Online)
CEOs of member TPOs gather once a year to discuss timely issues regarding international trade promotion and other relevant matters, including the results of joint projects and plans for future events. The meetings are organized and planned (including venue choice, date, agendas, etc.) by the current year's chair/host (a position that rotates annually among member TPOs) . The last CEO Meeting (34th) was held online (due to Covid-19) in October, 2021 by DGNED (Indonesia).

(2) Working Level Meetings

Working Level Meetings The 29th Working Level Meeting (Online)
Prior to each year's CEO Meeting, JETRO hosts a Working-Level Meeting (WLM) in Japan to provide an opportunity for member TPOs to confirm the status of joint projects, exchange views and settle details related to the CEO Meeting. Between 2011 and 2018, the meetings were held in the cities where JETRO opened a new regional office. The last Working Level Meeting (29th) was held online (due to Covid-19) in July, 2021.

(3) AEIC

AEIC The 8th Joint Exhibition in Macao
ATPF Joint Exhibition
The joint exhibition's objective is to provide companies in the Asia-Pacific region with a practical and effective platform to explore business opportunities in the internal market and to promote closer working cooperation among member TPOs. ATPF set up a specialized committee of exhibitions, ATPF Exhibition Industry Committee (AEIC), in order to strengthen ATPF's effort in joint exhibitions. The ATPF Joint Exhibition has been held every other year since 2004. The 8th Joint Exhibition was held at “Macao international Trade and Investment Fair (MIF 2018)” in Macao in October, 2018.

(4) Activities

(4) Activities The 11th Capacity Building Initiative
Program in Wakayama, Japan
Capacity Building Initiative Program
The Capacity Building Initiative Program (CBIP) was established to help ATPF member TPOs, especially those in emerging economies, develop human resources. The 11th CBIP was held in Wakayama, Japan in 2018.

Trade Promotion Organization in Asia (Member Organizations)

Nation / Region Organization
Australia Australian Trade and Investment Commission (AUSTRADE)
Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau (EPB)
Brunei Ministry of Finance and Economy(MOFE)
Cambodia General Directorate of Trade Promotion (GDTP)
China China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)
Chinese Taipei Taipei World Trade Center (TWTC)
Hong Kong Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC)
India India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO)
Indonesia Directorate General of National Export Development,
Ministry of Trade of Republic of Indonesia (DGNED)
Japan Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Korea Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA)
Laos Department of Trade Promotion(DTP)
Macao Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM)
Malaysia Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)
Mongolia Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI)
Myanmar Myanmar Trade Promotion Organization (MYANTRADE)
Nepal Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI)
Pakistan Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP)
Philippines Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM)
Singapore Enterprise Singapore (ESG)
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka Export Development Board (SLEDB)
Thailand Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP)
Vietnam Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (VIETRADE)

ATPF History

CEO Meetings Working Level Meetings Joint Projects

1987 10 organizations (CCPIT, CITEM, DEP (current DITP), HKTDC, IE Singapore, ITPO, JETRO, KOTRA, MATRADE, NAFED (current DGNED))
Investment News
1st Annual Meeting (Established with 10 economies, Host : JETRO, May. 20)
    Theme : Current Activities and Problems of Each Organization
1988 SLEDB and TDAP joined in
ATRAIN started up
2nd Annual Meeting in Seoul (Host : KOTRA)
    Theme : Information Exchange for Development of Economic Cooperation among ATPF
1989 TWTC joined in
3rd Annual Meeting in Singapore (Host : IE Singapore)
    Theme : New Policy for Trade Promotion
1990 EPB and MIPR joined in
4th Annual Meeting in Beijing (Host : CCPIT, Oct. 18)
    Theme : Role of TPO for Economic Exchange, Trade and Mutual Cooperation within Asia
1991 5th Annual Meeting in Manila (Host : CITEM, Oct. 22-23)
    Theme : Strategy for Trade Promotion
1992 MNCCI joined in
1st Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Jun. 10-11)
6th Annual Meeting in Hong Kong (Host : HKTDC, Sep. 8)
    Theme : Opportunities of International Trade and Investment in the 1990s
1993 2nd Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Aug. 31-Sep. 1)
7th Annual Meeting in Chiang Rai (Host : DEP, Nov. 2)
    Theme : Promotion of Export Oriented Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
1994 FNCCI joined in
3rd Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Jul. 6-7)
8th Annual Meeting in Bali (Host : NAFED, Sep. 13-16)
    Theme : Trade Promotion for the Post Uruguay Round
1995 AUSTRADE and NZTE joined in
4th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, May. 28-29)
9th Annual Meeting in Ulaanbaatar (Host : MNCCI, Aug. 3)
    Theme : Trade and Investment Promotion for the Post Uruguay Round
1996 Setting up of a ATPF website
5th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, May. 28-29)
10th Annual Meeting in Kyoto (Host : JETRO)
Theme :
1. Directions of ATPF Activities
2. Construction of Online Information Exchange Network among ATPF
1997 6th Working Level Meeting (Kitakyusyu, Apr. 11-12)
11th Annual Meeting in Goa (Host : ITPO, Oct. 13-14)
    Theme : TPOs as Catalysts for Growth in Industrial, Trade and Investment Cooperation among the Asian and Pacific Economies
1998 7th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Aug. 31-Sep. 1)
12th Annual Meeting in Sydney (Host : AUSTRADE, Nov. 30 - Dec. 1)
    Theme : Trade Development and Mutual Cooperation in Response to the Asian Crisis
1999 8th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Sep. 2-3)
13th Annual Meeting in Dhaka (Host : EPB, Nov. 17-18)
    Theme : Trade and Investment Opportunities in Asia-Pacific Region
2000 IPIM joined in
9th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Sep. 7-8)
14th Annual Meeting in Auckland (Host : NZTE, Nov. 6-7)
    Theme : E-Commerce and TPOs
2001 VIETRADE joined in
10th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Sep. 3-4)
15th Annual Meeting in Kuala Lumpur (Host : MATRADE, Oct. 29-30)
    Theme : Innovative Measures in Trade Promotion of Goods and Services
2002 11th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Dec. 2-3)
2003 16th Annual Meeting in Islamabad (Host : TDAP, Feb. 7-8)
    Theme : Enhancing Service Deliveries under the WTO Regime
1st Capacity Building Initiative Program in Tokyo (Host : JETRO, Nov. 11-Dec. 3)
    Theme : Market Study on Houseware & Lifestyle in Japan
12th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Dec. 1-2)
2004 17th Annual Meeting in Hong Kong (Host : HKTDC, Feb. 23-24)
    Theme : Embracing Change, Creating Opportunities
2nd Capacity Building Initiative Program in Sydney (Host : AUSTRADE, Feb. 23-)
    Theme : Export Promotion Program for Regional SMEs
13th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Oct. 25-26)
1st Joint Exhibition "Style Asia" (Tokyo, Dec. 16-18)
2005 Established ATPF Exhibition Industry Committee (AEIC)
18th Annual Meeting in Singapore (Host : IE Singapore, Feb. 24-25)
    Theme : Enlarging Trade, Integrating Markets
14th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Sep. 8-9)
3rd Capacity Building Initiative Program in Tokyo & Nagoya (Visited Aichi Expo2005)
     (Host : JETRO, Sep. 12-15)
2006 19th Annual Meeting in Macao (Host : IPIM, Feb. 23-24)
    Theme : New Role of TPO Era of FTA in Asia
4th Capacity Building Initiative Program in Tokyo (Host : JETRO, Sep. 4-7)
    Theme : To strengthen capacity to collect, survey and provide information on FTA
2nd Joint Exhibition at IFFT 2006 (Tokyo, Nov. 22-25)
2007 15th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Jan. 22-23)
20th Annual Meeting in Sydney (Host : AUSTRADE, Apr. 11-13)
    Theme : Journey to Export - Enhancing the role of TPOs
5th Capacity Building Initiative Program in Taipei (Host : TWTC, Oct. 1-3)
2008 16th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Jan. 22-23)
21th Annual Meeting in Hanoi (Host : VIETRADE, Apr. 3-4)
    Theme : TPO Challenges : Serving the Business Community Professionally and Effectively
3rd Joint Exhibition at TIGS 2008 Autumn (Tokyo, Sep. 2-5)
6th Capacity Building Initiative Program in Guangzhou & Macau
     (Host : CCPIT & IPIM, Nov. 11-13)
2009 17th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Feb. 5-6)
22th Annual Meeting in Xiamen (Host : CCPIT, Apr. 23-24)
    Theme : TPO Synergy against Financial Crisis
7th Capacity Building Initiative Program in Seoul (Host : KOTRA, May. 13-15)
2010 TPD (current GDTP) joined in
18th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Feb. 3-4)
8th Capacity Building Initiative Program in TOKYO (Host : JETRO, Feb. 5)
23th CEO Meeting in Seoul (Host : KOTRA, May. 13-14)
    Theme : One Asia, and the Future of a New Era
4th Joint Exhibition at IFIES 2010 (Seoul, May. 12-15)
9th Capacity Building Initiative Program in Bangkok (Host : DEP, Nov. 22-25)
2011 TPPD joined in
19th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, Jan. 19-21)
24th CEO Meeting in Taipei (Host : TWTC, Apr. 13-14)
    Theme : One Asia, and the Future of a New Era
20th Working Level Meeting (Sendai, Dec. 7-9)
2012 25th CEO Meeting in Bangkok (Host : DITP, Apr. 19-20)
    Theme : One Asia, and the Future of a New Era
5th Joint Exhibition at WCIF 2012 (Chengdu, Sep. 25-30)
21st Working Level Meeting (Fukuoka, Dec. 10-12)
2013 DOT (current MYANTRADE) joined in
26th CEO Meeting in Agra (Host : ITPO, Mar. 6-7)
    Theme : A New Roadmap for TPOs in the Globally Connected Markets
22nd Working Level Meeting (Yamanashi, Nov. 20-23)
2014 23rd Working Level Meeting (Saga, Jun. 5-6)
27th CEO Meeting in Ulaanbaatar (Host : MNCCI, Sep. 11-12)
    Theme : The Role and Engagement of TPOs in Promoting Green Business,
                 Foreign Direct Investment and Trade Facilitation
6th Joint Exhibition at TIGIS 2014 (Taipei, Oct. 6-9)
2015 10th Capacity Building Initiative Program in Hamamatsu (Host : JETRO, May 26-27)
24th Working Level Meeting (Hamamatsu, May 28-29)
28th CEO Meeting in Colombo (Host : SLEDB, Aug. 24-26)
    Theme : Integrating Asia with Global Value Chain
2016 7th Joint Exhibition at CIE 2016 (Kunshan, May 19-21)
25th Working Level Meeting (Miyazaki, June 14-15)
29th CEO Meeting in Lahore (Host : TDAP, Sep. 25)
    Theme : Enhancing the Role of TPOs in Human Resource Development
2017 26th Working Level Meeting (Tochigi, July 13-14)
30th CEO Meeting in Hokkaido (Host : JETRO, Oct. 6 - 7)
    Theme : The role of TPOs in free trade
2018 27th Working Level Meeting (Wakayama, July 4-5)
8th Joint Exhibition at Macau International Trade and Investment Fair (Macau, Oct 18-20)
31th CEO Meeting in Vientiane (Host : DTP, Nov. 20 - 21)
    Theme : Trade and Sustainable Economy Development (SDGs)
2019 28th Working Level Meeting (Tokyo, July 9-10)
32nd CEO Meeting in Ulaanbaatar (Host : MNCCI, Sep. 12 - 13)
    Theme : The Role of TPOs in Supporting SMEs toward Global Markets
2020 33rd CEO Meeting (Online) (Host : IPIM, Sep. 24)
    Theme : The development and innovation of TPOs in the New Era
2021 29th Working Level Meeting (Online, July 14-15)
34th CEO Meeting (Online) (Host : DGNED, Oct. 26)
    Theme : To Grow and Develop in the New Economic Era